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Nationality: American
Weight: 50kg
Height: 155cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Bra cup size: 32DD-??-??
Tattoos: Tribal octopus outside right thigh; two five-pointedstars on lower abdomen 
Tongue; navel; both nipples; clithood 

Who loves nympho teens?! Raise your hand! This fire-cracker is a fresh face to both adulthood and the porn industry; and she's likely to set it on fire with her fierce appetite for sex. Miss Bangs takes any challenge, whether it be big or small, and conquers it with mastery. Rumor has it, she's after the world gang-bang record, and if anyone can do it, Charity can. So what are you waiting for? This bombshell is about to go off. (Brazzers)

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netFameSolutions Reg. and shot in USA
as Charity Bangs
Cute, curvy, tattooed Charity Bangs is under gorgeous director Bobbi Starr’s sexual control. The young girl obediently spreads her soft ass cheeks and probes her own asshole, masturbating for the camera. The director gags Charity with her own sweat sock and intimately explores Charity’s anus with her fingers. After Bobbi’s lesbian domination, hired studs Karlo Karrera and Mr. Pete take over. The big-dicked gentlemen fuck Charity’s throat, ream her sweet ass and stuff her chock-full of cock in a nasty double-penetration. Sliding his pole from her rectum, Karlo ejaculates on her tummy; Pete spurts his load into Charity’s open mouth.
EvilAngel (Anal ffmm DP) P Tube120

If you think about it, all girls are someone's daughter... but the difference is, THESE beautiful young girls love to get their buttholes filled with big, fat cocks!! They don't care if you're an older guy, as long as you can give their ass the pounding it deserves!
FameDigitals (Anal fmmm DP interracial creampie) P Tube120

FameDigitals (Anal 1:1) P Tube120

ManWinCanada Reg. in Canada shot in USA
as Charity Bangs
Professor Mick has run into some trouble with one of his students, Charity, and has gone to fellow colleague and friend, Professor Erik for advice. After a failed attempt at reasoning with her, they decide to fuck her brains out in an attempt to prevent her from tarnishing their names and ending their careers.
Brazzers (Anal fmm DP)

NaughtyAmerica Reg. and shot in USA
as Charity Bangs
Charity comes back into Prof. Christian's class to study for her final. There is some tension there, and it turns out that not only are Charity and Christian having an affair, but someone on the faculty saw them eating dinner together. Christian tells her that he doesn't care about his job, he wants to continue his relationship with her whatever the cost. Charity is scared about getting kicked out of the university, but he tells her he will take all the blame. They embrace, kiss passionately, and then have a smoking hot lovemaking session right there on his desk!
NaughtyBookWorms (Anal 1:1) P V


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netFameSolutions Reg. and shot in USA
as Charity Bangs
EvilAngel (Vaginal 1:1 w. T-girl) P Tube120

NaughtyAmerica Reg. and shot in USA
as Charity Bangs
MySister'sHotFriend (Vaginal 1:1) P V

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