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Also named:
Alaina, Alaina Dawsons, Alina Dawson, Kiki,

Nationality: American
Birthday: October 012, 1996
Weight: 48kg
Height: 161cm
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 34A-24-34
Tattoos: Marijuana leaf on left side of stomach; ribbons on back of both legs; writing on right ribcage
Piercings: Navel; tongue 
Pubic area: Shaved

They don't get more girl-next-door than Alaina Dawson. At 5'3" and just under 110 lbs, soaking wet, this fresh and freckle-faced hottie exploded on the porn scene in 2015, and has been a petite powerhouse in the industry ever since. A shy and unassuming hometown girl through-and-through, Alaina only comes out of her shell (and her panties) when mischief is afoot. And by "mischief," we mean "big cocks". That's when she goes full-slut, smiling sweetly as she slinks out of her clothes, revealing a slim, lithe figure that slides into a surprisingly ample ass, and a tight, wet pussy begging to get stuffed. This is one tiny plaything who wants it deep! She loves it when a guy picks her up, throws her against a wall, hoists her legs on his shoulders, and slams his cock inside her, balls-deep. So don't let her coy innocence fool you, this horny little minx loves to get it; hot, hard and often!

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MadCheddar Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Alaina Dawson
Alaina is a hot young student who’s dream is to study in Europe and she yearns to be in France. Having to take a French course in order to fulfil her dream, her parents hire a sexy French tutor to help her along her way. Mr Claude is a very focused, strict teacher, and Alaina loves nothing more than to tease and flirt with him whenever they are together. The trouble is that her parents are always around at the most inopportune times. Luckily, one day they are going to be a little later than usual, and Mr Claude is at the house for one of Alaina’s regular lessons. When he leaves to use the restroom, Alaina knows exactly how to get his attention - and when he returns, there’s no way he will be able to resist her advances.
(Anal vaginal 1:1 gape finish) P

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KellyMadisonMedia Reg. and shot in USA
as Alaina Dawson
TeenFidelity (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) 

MindGeek Reg. in Luxemburg, shot in USA
as Alaina Dawson
Brazzers (Vaginal fffm finish) P-V


PaperStreet Reg. and shot in USA
as Alaina Dawson
ExxxtraSmall (Vaginal 1:1 finish) 

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Final update: 2016.08.08.

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