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Also named:
Goddess Maya Bijou, Maja Bijou, Maya, Maya Dijou,

Nationality: American
Birthday: September 14, 1997
Weight: 45kg
Height: 152cm
Hair color: Brown 
Eye color: Brown  
Mesurements: 32B-24-34
Tattoos: left breast  
Piercings: Navel, tongue 
Pubic area: Shaved 


Added in March 2019:

AMAMedia Reg. and shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Maya Bijou gets her butt plugged before having anal sex and getting multiple creampies.
(Anal vaginal 1:1 multiple creampies) Pzip Tube10min

Maya Bijou enjoys a summer day with a massage and some creampies.
(Vaginal 1:1 multiple creampies) Pzip Tube10min

Maya Bijou gets her ass toyed and creampied.
(Anal vaginal 1:1 creampie) Pzip Tube10min

DirecTec Reg. and shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Maya Bijou loves teasing her step-dad. She started right when he married Maya's mom...right when she turned 18. Maya was immediately attracted to him. Soon, she was wearing panties and see-through wife beaters around the house, smiling as she'd watch step-dad become aroused. Maya also knows step-dad loves watching dirty movies. She's heard moans coming from the bedroom while her mom is out of town. Speaking of that, mom's on another business trip, Maya can hear step-dad's moans...and Maya wants to borrow his car to go to a desert rave! In any other circumstance, Maya knows step-dad would never lend her the car. But Maya's one evil little slut, and she knows step-dad is weak. Do we really even need to tell you what happens next? Well, maybe this dirty detail -- in the end, step-dad unloads into step-daughter like he does her mom...right in her tight, shaved pussy!!
(Vaginal 1:1 interracial creampie) P-Va

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AMA Reg. and shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Maya Bijou wakes up in the morning and goes to take a sexy bath. She gets out and perks right up when she see’s her man’s cock.
Tiny4K (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) Pzip Tube

GammaE Reg in The Netherlands, shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Watch little Maya Bijou get her first on camera cream pie by Mick Blue's giant cock. She loves the warm throbbing cock bursting inside her. Dripping from her teen pussy. Leaving her shaking into orgasm. Nothing makes her pussy wetter than a cumshot right inside her after she's been fucked harder than ever! Now it's time to expose her love for cream pies on camera!
HardX (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) P Trailer

t's game on for best buds Rex (Jake Jace) & Ted (Mike Mancini) when they make the ultimate bet: they have 24 hours to take a picture of their cum in their girlfriend's pussy. It all began sitting by the pool with their girlfriends, Kelly (Alyssa Cole) & Rachel (Maya Bijou). Rex told Ted how he came inside of Kelly's pussy. Ted didn't believe him so Rex & Ted made a Ted's ready to win big with Rachel! During sex, Ted asks Rachel if he can cum in her. She's so hot and bothered and is ready for his cum deep in her aching pussy. He's so turned on and tells her how sexy it is, taking a picture to keep as a memory...and secretly to win a bet!
RealityJunkies (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) P Trailer

PaperStreet Reg. and shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Maya is a rough day. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she hasnt gotten fucked good in a hot minute. She reaches out to one of her exes best friend Dylan for some consolation. Maya tells him of her woes, and even brings up her exes obsession with facial porn, which she just couldnt stand. She likes the way it feels but hates the way it tastes and smells. She would much rather have it soaking in her pussy. She requested this for her birthday (which was today) yet he still busted on her face. What a loser. Dylan didnt want to see Maya any more sad on her birthday, so he was going to call up the bakery to get a creampie delivered just for her. He was too innocent, so Maya decided to show him what she really meant by getting a creampie. Maya sucked then mounted his virgin dick, not stopping until she felt the goo ooze out. This birthday didnt end up too bad after all!
TeenPies (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V

KellyMadisonMedia Reg. and shot in USA
as Maya Bijou
Fun loving 18 year old Maya knows she's one hot piece of ass and uses that to get what she wants. And what she wants is to be fucked deep and hard by older men! She's only 18, but this barely legal teen knows exactly how to use her young twat to make Mr. Madison cum deep inside of her after riding him hard!
TeenFidelity (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) Ref

ATKKingdom Reg. and shott in USA
as Maya Bijou
 You start out the day by going to Haleakala volcano - it's a little cold up there for her. Later Maya changes her clothes in the front seat of the car to get more comfortable to walk on the beach. She gets pretty close to the turtles, and you get close to her cut-off jeaned ass on the way back to the car. You make it to the nude beach to spend the rest of the date there. Throughout the day Maya does plenty of cigarette smoking.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie) Ref

 You had an awesome time with Maya watching her dance around and fly above you on the zipline. She didn't have enough energy to keep up with you when you got back to the room, but she's about to make it up to you this morning. Maya sucks your cock then grabs the oil to lube her feet. Her dark peds feel great against your cock, but her slick pussy feels even better. When you can't hold it in any longer Maya's pussy gets filled up with a creampie that went in really deep.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie) Ref

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