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Also named:
Crissy Kay, Emma, Emma Hicks, Emma Hix, Emma Hixx, Eryn Andrew,

Nationality: Canadian
Birthday: October 25, 1997 
Weight: 50kg
Height: 13cm
Hair color: Blonde 
Eye color: Brown  
Mesurements: 34B-24-34
Tattoos: Text (Always on My Mind, Forever in My Heart) with bird on right side; Roses on left arm; Ribbon on each back leg; Small birds on her right wrist (New); Flowers on her right leg (New 2017) 
Piercings: Navel, left nostril
Pubic area: Shaved 

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GammaE Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in USA
as Emma Hix

Emma Hix can't resist fucking every guy she meets. The hot blonde loves big cocks and hard fucks but her husband can't provide what she needs so she needs to get her pleasures elsewhere. Luckily, Dylan offered to plow her until she feels every bone in her perfect body vibrate with orgasmic energy, and he'll keep her nasty secret!
ClubSandy (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) P Trailer

MadCheddar Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Emma Hix
Emma has always been a curious person and it has sometimes got her into some trouble. Her actress roommate loves to party and she only ever dates black guys. Without even having to ask, she only needs to listen to her at night to know what they say about them must be true. When the opportunity arises when her boyfriend is at work and her roommate is at an audition, she just can’t help herself. Now’s the time to find out if the truth for herself.

(Vaginal 1:1 interracial creampie) P 

Nubiles Reg. and shot in USA
as Emma Hix
Emma Hix and Moka Mora are hanging out in Emma's bedroom taking selfies. The two girls take their clothes off and put other clothes on as they try them on with each other. Meanwhile, Emma's stepbrother Logan Long plays a prank by putting saran wrap over the toilet and then starts recording the girls while masturbating. Later, Emma falls victim to his prank and the girls agree to get him back by drawing on his cock while he's asleep.
 Later, when Logan lays down for a nap, Emma and Moka make their move. They unzip Logan's pants and pull his cock out before drawing on it. He wakes up and demands that they clean him off. They get on their knees and wipe his hardon with panties. When that doesn't work, they start spitting on him and stroking until he covers them both with a shot of cum.
 When the girls reconvene in their bedroom and start talking about it, they realize that they're both turned on by what happened earlier. Emma shows Moka her double sided dildo, and they agree to try it out together. Emma has a bit of experience with other girls while Moka doesn't, so Emma takes it upon herself to show Moka how much fun it can be to kiss girls and play with their breasts.
 As they both get hotter and hornier, Emma peels off Moka's thong and slides the dildo into her tight twat. Moka's bald pussy is wet and ready, especially as Emma strokes her girlfriend's clit and then starts licking it. Soon Moka's moans fill the room and she whimpers to Emma that she's going to cum.
 Encouraged by what she discovered with Emma, Moka decides it's her turn to try things out. She kisses Emma into the position she wants her girlfriend, and then slides the toy into her bare twat. Setting the dildo down, Moka caresses Emma's breasts while Logan sneaks in from behind and starts fucking his stepsister without her knowledge.
 When Emma realizes that it's not a dildo pounding her pussy, she orders Logan to keep his mouth shut and make her cum again. He's happy to oblige, pounding away at that greedy fuck hole before giving Moka the same treatment. When Moka gets on her knees with Emma laying beneath her, Logan fucks her into orgasmic bliss while Moka feasts on her friend's snatch. Moments later, Logan gives her a creampie of jizz that drips into Emma's mouth.

StepSiblingsCaught (Vaginal 2:1GB Creampie) P Trailer

Stunning mom India Summer is cooking up a storm. Her stepson Logan Long finds the pie India has made and decides to have some fun with it. Poking his finger into the crust gives him some ideas. Soon he has pushed his hardon into the soft filling to fuck the pie. India walks in on him in the act. Dropping to her knees she tries to rub the pie off his dick. When she realizes how sticky it is, she sucks Logan's dick, too. Moments later, Logan pulls back and gives his stepmom a facial of cum just in time to run away before his dad walks in the room.
 Later, Logan's family is eating Thanksgiving dinner with Emma Hix, Logan's girlfriend. Logan is feeling daring, so he reaches beneath India's miniskirt to stroke her slit. She's nice and wet, and Logan's fingers easily slide deep inside. Meanwhile, Emma is in the mood to flirt as well. She reaches her foot out to caress Logan's cock while Logan keeps on finger banging his stepmom.
 As soon as Emma has an opening when no one is watching her, she slides under the table. Logan pulls his stiffie out, and soon Emma has wrapped her mouth around the tip. Sucking and stroking, she even manages to deep throat Logan's big dick. They almost get away with it, but India gets up to start clearing the table and catches them. When Logan's dad won't discipline the two lovers, India takes matters into her own hands.
 Whipping Logan's stiffie out once again, India decides to show Emma some better moves than the ones she observed. Soon the two girls are taking turns slurping Logan's cock. Their clothes gradually come off until both girls are nude. Emma's panties are the last to go when Logan helps her up onto the couch to feast on and finger fuck her creamy bald pussy. Meanwhile, India reaches forward to watch Logan and offer plenty of stepmotherly advice.
 As Emma grows closer to cumming, Logan slides his stiffie deep into her tight sheath while India rubs her clit until she cums. Then, since India has the opportunity, she decides to teach Emma a thing or two about pussy licking. As Logan keeps pounding away at Emma's snatch, India climbs on top of Emma's face so that her landing strip twat is in perfect position. Then she guides Emma through the art of carpet munching until the blonde has earned a passing grade.
 The girls take a brief break as they take turns sucking Logan off again, but India isn't about to let their lovemaking session finish without getting her rocks off. Getting on her hands and knees, she encourages Logan to deliver a proper pussy pounding. Meanwhile, India continues to make Emma's day as she licks and strokes the blonde's greedy twat.
 Spooning with his stepmom from behind, Logan keeps up his job as the personal stud of two lovely girls while Emma plays with his balls and tantalizes India's clit. Then India helps Logan to a seated position on the couch and guides Emma down on top of his fuck stick. She gives him a stiffie ride that brings her off yet again. When Logan is about to cum, he fills Emma's pussy with a creampie that India licks out so she can snowball the delicious treat with Emma.

MomsTeachSex (Vaginal 2:1GB Creampie) P Trailer

ATK Reg and shot in USA
as Emma Hix

Slightly after you wake up Emma is ready to please you. She has so many ways to make you cum. Her beautiful face stares at you while she bobs on your knob, her sexy high arched feet rub your cock as if it were a magic lamp, but her sexy hands are the ones that bring it home.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie)

  it's a little cloudy on your way to Hana, but Emma has fun feeding the ducks anyway. As you walk around other parts that are more private Emma flashes you. After you walk around holding hands on the black sand beach Emma gives you head in the front seat. Listening to one of the waterfalls Emma got in the mood to pee in the bushes.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie)

 The road to Hana is awesome! Emma holds your hand a lot as you walk through paths and do a little hiking. After getting back to the car Emma sucks your cock briefly. You finally park at another spot where she hops in the back seat. After she sucks your cock the sex gets passionate, oily and sweaty. The creampie looks great next to her shiny body.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie)

  Emma walks to the bed to spread her legs. Your mouth eats her muff and sucks on her perky tits. You can see how tight she is when she's riding your cock in reverse cowgirl. Emma lays on her back so you can fill her her shaved pussy with a creampie.
ATKGirlFriends (Vaginal 1:1 POV creampie)

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