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Also named:
Ana, Hana,

Nationality: American
Birthday: ??.??.1999
Weight: 57kg
Height: 168cm
Hair color: Brown 
Eye color: Hazel  
Mesurements: 34A-24-34
Tattoos: None 
Piercings: None 
Pubic area: Shaved 

Ana is a star in the making - and we had her first! We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love girls from LA. They're not only hot, but they like to have a good time and none more than 18 year old Ana. If you say her on the street you'd swear she was a model, and she is in a sense, just one that likes to be fucked. With a petite, tight little body and a pussy to match, she doesn't need to do much to make you hard. In this debut video, she does just that (among other things!) to our resident stud, TC. It's hard to believe she hadn't had sex in a month, but we don't mind as she was horny as soon as she got in the car and couldn't resist getting her mouth filled with cock before they even got started!
 In fact, she was so ready to go that she didn't even want to get dressed before doing her scene, she just wanted to get some dick, got to admire her attitude! TC got her warmed up with a little pussy eating which as you'll see she enjoyed quite a bit. The other thing we like about LA girls is that they're adventurous, and Ana is no exception. We all know that TC is an ass man and after filling her twat with his hard cock he couldn't help but get a little anal action going which Ana took like a pro. Even with her tight pussy, she took a vibe and his cock with glee which led to her one of her many orgasms. You can tell TC was having just as good a time as she did with an extended fuck scene that you're going to enjoy! This video is full of non-stop sex with one of the hottest girls we've seen with a huge creampie at the end to top it off. Once you see how much cum drips out of her pussy at the end, you'll get an idea of just how tight she was! We think you'll agree that when you need to get off, you need to find a girl from LA!

AMAMedia Reg. and shot in USA

MadCheddar Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Ana Rose
Ana is a college student with a secret - she has a few arranged relationships that help her pay for tuition. When she meets her clients she's like a completely different person. Who is the real Ana? The innocent student or the insatiable bad girl?
Tushy (Anal vaginal 1:1 creampie) Pzip Trailer

Ana Rose is out on in the city with a sexy man to feel the wind in her hair and escape her mundane relationship. And just when she thinks the night is over, he gives her one last surprise.
BlackedRaw (Vaginal 1:1 interracial creampie) Pzip Trailer

Ana has been staying with her BFF's brother while she is studying in college. She has always had a soft spot for him, but he has always been off limits, always in a relationship. But when she commences her time living with him, she thinks that it may be a perfect opportunity to take things a little further. When he breaks it off with his girlfriend just a week before she leaves, she knows that she has to work fast, despite how crazy the timing is.
Blacked (Vaginal 1:1 interracial creampie) Pzip Trailer

BangBros Reg. and shot in USA
as Ana Rose
Ana came to visit her mother, when she meets her Mom's new boyfriend, she gets shocked, he is so young for her mother, so she feels an instant attraction and starts stalking him, first she offers him a bj in the kitchen at first he is reluctant but Ana is young, hot, sexy, and seductive so he cannot resist, they almost get caught by Ana's mother so they have to stop, Ana is so horny that when they go to sleep she starts masturbating in her room, but this is not enough she can't cum, then she decides to go across the hall, enters her mothers room and starts sucking the boyfriend's cock while her mother sleeps, he wakes up astonished, what is she doing?, her mother is sleeping right next to him. Realizing that Ana is not going to stop, he surrenders to her wishes and fucks her as she wanted, to finally shoot a big load in her young pussy for her to squeeze it out.
BangBros18 (Vaginal 1:1 creampie)

AMAMedia Reg. and shot in USA
as Ana Rose
Ana catches a guy spying on her in the shower and invites him in for a cum filled fuck.
Cum4K (Vaginal 1:1 multiple creampie vcp3 vcp4 finish) Pzip Tube10min

EXCOGI Reg. and shot in USA
as Ana Rose
I (Anal vaginal 1:1 creampie) P Trailer

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AMAMedia Reg. and shot in USA
as Ana Rose
Ana Rose gets a massage in the foyer before getting creampied.
PassionHD (Vaginal 1:1 creampie) Pzip Tube10min

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